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Tennant Creek 5 Standley Street
Alice Springs 48 Sargeant Street

Purkiss Reserve Perimeter Fence

Client: Department of Infrastructure Planning and Logistics

T18-2083: Demolish existing perimeter fence and install a new reinforced fence at Purkiss Reserve, Tennant Creek NT

Value: $445,535.00

Status: Completed August 2019

Works on this project included:

  • Removing and disposing of existing perimeter fencing, concrete and other obstructions in the line of path for the new fencing
  • Providing machine-graded and level unobstructed clearances 1800mm either side of the fencing centre line within the proposed fence line route
  • Supplying and installing 790 lineal meters of 2100mm powder-coated spear top fencing to areas specified within the plan.

This project was completed within the required budget, and without ant OHS issues. During the contract period, HD was very active in their efforts to employ local Aboriginal workers. We involved the work details of the Barkly Work Camp by employing 4 of the inmates on a casual basis for the duration of the contract. This drive was so successful that when one of the individuals was released he was offered, and accepted, a full time position with the company.


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