Building the Bush

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Tennant Creek 5 Standley Street
Alice Springs 48 Sargeant Street

‘Building the Bush’ is an Aboriginal Employment and Training program implemented by Harvey Developments to grow employment opportunities for Indigenous Australians in the Northern Territory.

We are proud of our history in building strong relationships in the communities in which we work and the outcomes we have created in employment for Indigenous people in Central Australia.

Our goal moving forward is to continue our work in this area to better support our Indigenous employees to ensure they have the tools and mentoring necessary to see their training through and go on to become leaders in their trade. We also want to ensure we leave each community we enter stronger than when we arrived. We hope that the training we provide to individuals across the lifetime of a project, helps them to better support and grow their community.

We have a vision that Indigenous led teams will be operational within our organisation in the near future, and that these leaders will become role models and mentors for the next generation, creating a positive cycle of success.

Leave Each Community We Enter Stronger Than When We Arrived.

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