Val­ue: $2.4 Mil­lion

As part of the Build­ing Edu­ca­tion Rev­o­lu­tion Pro­gram (BER), we sup­plied and built a 48metre x 28metre free span sport­ing com­plex which caters for a vari­ety of ball sports includ­ing bas­ket­ball, net­ball, ten­nis and badminton. 

The build­ing is an insu­lat­ed free-stand­ing cov­ered out­door learn­ing area (COLA), with a con­crete slab and sports stor­age shed.

The com­plex is com­plete with dog proof fenc­ing and cur­tain style net­ting to the roof. The struc­ture stands 8 metres high, the base of the build­ing was carved lev­elled on vir­gin scrub and into the side of a lat­erite rock hill using a 30-tonne bull­doz­er and road grader.

Can­teen Creek is a remote loca­tion, 300kms South East of Ten­nant Creek. We, along with our sub­con­trac­tors, sourced all mate­ri­als and trans­port­ed them to the site.

Dur­ing the project, 120 m³ of con­crete was mixed on-site and the floor of the com­plex was laid in just three days — a remark­able achievement!

The com­plex was deliv­ered with­in six weeks, with­in bud­get even with var­i­ous addi­tion­al vari­a­tions to upgrade the facil­i­ty. These includ­ed water foun­tains, upper skirt nets around the com­plex and a con­crete walk­way across to the school.

Sta­tus: Com­plete